hammered textured cuff bracelet
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Hammered Square Cuff Bracelet

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Handmade simple stackable cuff bracelet available in brass or sterling silver. These bracelets are squared in shape and hammered by hand so the textured matte finish varies slightly, making each one unique. Each bracelet is hand cut, shaped, lightly textured, and polished.

Bracelet size is approximately 6 inches with a 3/4 inch space to easily take on and off and 3mm wide. Custom sizes also available (please note at checkout). 

Handmade in Brooklyn, NY using locally sourced materials.



These cuff bracelets are slightly flexible so can be squeezed in to make tighter or out to make looser. Over time, the bracelet will take the shape of your wrist. It will also darken slightly due to the nature of the material (brass).  You can shine them up from time to time (as often as needed) with a polishing cloth (there are many different options – anything that cleans silver/brass can be used).

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hammered textured cuff bracelet
sterling silver hammered cuff bracelet
brass and silver cuff bracelet
square hammered cuff bracelet