Commissioned Project: The Story of a Fossilized Shell

This past month I had a custom order request from a woman who found an incredibly unique fossilized shell washed up along the beach during a very special trip with her sister and daughters.  The shell arrived in the mail several days later and I began my initial design work so that I could create one-of-a-kind stone necklaces for herself, her sister, and two daughters.

Throughout the process, she graciously shared a little bit more about her story of the sea where she found the stone, her father, and how this was a place where so many family memories will forever live. I traveled out to the Eastern LI where I have a small studio set up near the bay - a space my own father built for me to do stonework. After carefully designing each piece to reflect the natural shape of the stone, I cut, shaped, drilled, and lightly polished the pendants to keep their "earthy" look. 

As I a wrap up 2016, this comes to mind as one of my favorite commissioned projects that I will forever remember. It has also connected so much of my own past with the work I am doing now. I too grew up by the sea. The salty air and coastline will forever be a huge influence & inspiration to me. I am so excited that I can finally share this project, as it was a surprise holiday gift from a mother to her sister and daughters. 

A few shots from the process used to turn this beautiful fossilized shell into unique pendants.